Frank Rose is a creative conductor, passionate about facilitating avenues of support for artists. He holds a degree in Digital Media and has exhibited in exhibitions in the US, China, and South Korea. He founded Gallery 1724, a community art space in Houston in 2005 and was the Publisher of ArtsHouston Magazine before moving to Santa Fe in 2008. He co-founded Santa Fe’s form & concept in 2016, opened Hecho a Mano in 2019 and Hecho Gallery in 2022. Frank loves expanding consciousness, hiking, good coffee, and tacos.



Martha Traer was born into the humid air of a Chicago summer evening. Little did she know at that moment all that was in store for her. Her eyes couldn’t handle the bright lights of the sterile white hospital room. Her feet were pressed into a black ink pad and then pressed firmly onto a sheet of paper. From that moment on she was part of the system. Did the government care about this little girl born to two individuals in their early 30s and Late 20s respectively? Was she, at this moment a participant in the American Dream, or simply the product of it? Her journey to discover self would begin as soon as she could recognize her own strength and individuate herself from her parents… At that moment, she saw the ground rushing towards her face. Concussion…..She really loved dancing on stage….That is the moment she found a video camera. She would walk around with it strapped to her hip for the next 10 years….She graduated with a BA in Film Production…After three years of working in the club she broke out on her own and while working at Luna Rienne Gallery, she simultaneously supported artists and activists, using her talents to share people’s stories and work….7 years later she moved to Santa Fe New Mexico….She is now the gallery manager of Hecho Gallery.

129 W Palace Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501
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